Bring out the creativity that lives in you!

We are located East of Pompano Beach, Florida

We want to help you find your own path in the world of art since we believe that we all have an artist inside who desires to express itself.
In our friendly and supportive studio, you can let your creativity flow freely also having a fun time and sharing with friends.

We offer painting sessions for children and adults using different techniques such as watercolor, ink, colored pencil, acrylic, oil, charcoal, and pouring paint.  We also provide instruction on other creative projects using cardboard, mosaics, wood, and other materials.
If you are interested in having a birthday party or other social gathering in which creativity is the main event, our studio is the ideal place.
Please browse our schedule of classes.  We hope to meet you and the artist in you very soon!!

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Determined artists

Make Art-it-Art Studio be a place of harmony, fun, creativity; where people can share with family and friends, and where imagination soars.

Keep in touch with us, there is always something new in our brushes. 

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