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                         (for 7to 15 years olds)

Dates:June 10th-28th and  July 8th-26th, 2019

                               9 am to 1 pm

Cost: $ 200 per week*(includes all materials and snacks)


JUNE                                                                                            JULY

Week 1: June 10th-14th

M: Basic drawing technique

T : Self- portrait

W: Half picture and half manga

Th: Tennis shoe project

F : Favorite pet portrait

Week 2: June 17th-21st

Leonardo, Velazquez, Vermeer

M: Light and dark ( contrast)

T: Still life

W:Family portrait

Th: Meninas

F: Masterpieces inspired in the painters

Week 3:June 24th-28th

Hokusai, Monet, Cezanne

M: Watercolor

T: Stamp printmaker

W: Landscape without black (Monet)

Th: Decoupage frame or box

F: Masterpieces inspired in the painters

Week 1: July 8th-12th

M: Collage with drawing

T: Still life

W: Landscape acrylic

Th: Diorama

F: Watercolor of an animal

Week 2: July 15th-19th

Gaugin,Van Gogh, Seurat

M: Chromatic circle

T: Oil pastel (cool & warm colors)

W: Stencil and brush-color pencil

Th: Agenda project

F: Masterpieces inspired by the painters



Week 3: July 22nd-26th

Matisse, Picasso, Warhol

M: Basics of calligraphy and lettering

T: Ink and letter

W: poster

Th: T-shirt project

F:Masterpieces inspired by the painters


*Each additional sibling receives a discount